Ground Handling

Brokerage of air charter services throughout the world is at
the center of our business. Emphasis is put on simplifying
processes and reducing overall transportation costs. Our
essential database of aircraft availability combined with the
accumulated experience and in depth knowledge of
worldwide aviation marketing let our customers enjoy one of
the most quick and cost-effective service. Within 3 hours of
your enquire 24 hours a day we can find suitable for you
aircraft with no matter what and where you want to move.
We offer comprehensive package of services to ensure
smooth operation of an aircarft from start to finish.

Charter Service

- Convenience
No waiting, delays or losses, no rushing and terminal chaos.
Your aircraft will depart and arrive from/to an airport which
you consider as the most convenient, and according to your
own schedule.

- Cost-Effectiveness&Time saving
Chartering of an aircraft is often the cheapest and quickest
way to fly. We will offer you the optimal price with the
quickest term of delivery.

- Airport-to-Airport/Point-to-Point
We provide you with the delivery service to the most
convenient for you airport. On your request, we can track
passengers or goods directly to the point of destination.

- Restricted areas
Our air charter service is also possible when local wars,
revolutions, strikes or natural disasters, etc. prevent using
of conventional routes. Our aircrafts can transport everything
from humanitarian help to consumer goods and medical

Charter Cargo

- Peak seasons
At peak seasons, when space on regular flights are fully
booked, using of charter freighter is very smart move. You
should not wait till there will be space in scheduled airlines
or part your cargo to be delivered one by one - it takes to
much time. What you should do is just to order charters as
many as you want and to fly according to your own

- Heavy&Outsize cargo
Heavy and outsize cargos is that what we can help you to
handle. When cargo is too big or too heavy to be
accommodated by the scheduled airplanes, chartering of an
appropriate aircraft is the only acceptable option. Middle
ranged Il76, or specialized in delivery of super big and
super heavy cargo huge An-124 will transport your goods
without delays and losses.

- High value goods
When cargo is valuable or fragile and it is not save to
transport it by conventional transport, in this case, charter
aircraft will be the best solution for you. You will be free
of problems like roughly handled shipment, climate
changing, rigorous intermediate custom's regulations, and
many others, because your goods will be delivered very
quickly and very safety.